How to Outsource Customer Service and Tech Support?

Welcome to the! My name is Katya and I am the owner of KB Time Saving LLC. This website page is dedicated to our Customer Support Services. For more information about the company and all its services please visit its official website or About Us and More Services pages.

What We Do?

We help you to outsource customer service and tech support for your small business. It includes:

  • Emails
  • Phone calls
  • Live chat
  • Social Media messages
  • Tickets

It may include eCommerce support like placing orders, making changes, refunds in Shopify, Stripe like platforms.

Who We Help?

Our clients are small companies and businesses who have low volume customer requests and do not need a customer service/support department full time. No job is too little for us. We accept jobs even if it is just 1 email a day.

We accept any legal, USA based companies and happy to provide remote services to the most types of businesses like online-stores, health and wellness, fitness, pets, spa. If your type of business is not in the list, just Contact Us!

What Problems We Help to Solve?

Customer service is all about people. Our team is compassionate, patient, understandable, happy to help with basic or the most difficult cases. Our rock-star customer support agents provide remote services in the US time zones but you build the schedule. We are always on time, fast paced, learn quick. We treat all the customers with respect and understanding.

Improve your customer service rating. We have proven records of improving reputation of customer service departments, small businesses/companies/sole proprietors. Nowadays unhappy customers leave bad reviews in internet. This ends up with no sales/customers. We audit what you have, offer solutions, work on each and every ticket. We make your customers happy, they leave you good reviews. You get more business.

Outsource Customer Service Cost

Customer service and tech support is required in most companies who work with people. Having your own department on salary or outsourcing it to a big company can be expensive. Outsourcing it overseas like to Philippines and India is cheaper but more complicated due to time zones difference and other reasons.

How to outsource customer service then? Yes, you have to pay more for high quality services and remote US time zones based agents. But what, if you can save money on scheduling? What if we work for you only when you need it? What if you do not want to sign up for a yearly contract or purchase a monthly payment plans?

We are very flexible when it comes to payment. When having a meeting with you (remote or in person), we discuss the best way to schedule the work and to pay for it. Hourly, weekly, monthly, yearly, by emails or calls. By social media accounts or tickets in Zendesk, Helpshift, Scout, Hubspot live chats or similar to them platforms. Whichever you prefer.

Why we are different from others?

We do not provide some fancy software and complicated solutions, we do not have many managers and bosses to pay for and thanks to it our services are cheaper as compare to other outsource customer service and technical support agencies.

We personalize communication as much as possible. Yes, there are ready scripts, quick answers and knowledge base to save time on responses. This saves both time and money. But people hate when they get bot like responses. We offer you to pay a little bit more and let us spend more time on your customers.

We help to improve really bad cases. We dedicate time for audit, offering solutions, work with the past clients, go through the experience you had before us, partner with you on solving the most difficult customers’ problems.

The best reward for us is your happy clients!